Ibet de Los Angeles, professeur de guitare

Cuba Guitare

Private guitar lessons in Lyon

Ibet de los Ángeles

Ibet de Los Angeles, professeur de guitare

She is teacher in conservatories and offers private courses for classical guitar, also Bossa nova, Salsa (son) and other Latin American genres.

Her courses are for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and for all ages (children, adolescents, adults).

Trained at the Institute of Superior Arts of Havana

Ibet de los Ángeles taught in Cuban conservatories.

She imparts particular knowledge and experience learnt with exceptional musicians such as David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, Hopkinson Smith, Roberto Aussel, Ignacio Rodes, Nigel North and Carles Trepat.

Flexibility, adaptability

Attentiveness to the specific needs of the student are fundamental elements of her approach.

The pace is dictated by the student: the course is built gradually in a participatory manner, so that the learner takes pleasure in playing the instrument and grows in confidence.

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